Everything You Need For A Shiny Clean Kitchen

Take a look around your kitchen: Lots of stuff, right? Electric appliances, cooking tools, cupboard, dish rack…Keeping them clean (and the floor as surface as well) is essential to ensure the kitchen’s hygiene. Here is a list of common kitchen cleaning supplies for you.


All-purpose surface cleaner: It works on various surfaces like sinks, tables, floors, countertops and even for kitchen appliances without damaging them. Do not use it for sanitizing, though.

Dishwashing liquid: It is obvious that you need it for hand-washing and dishwasher (if you use one).

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How To Keep Your Kitchen Cleaning Tools Squeaky Clean

What are your essential cleaning tools in a kitchen cleaning kit? The answer will be different for different people, depending on personal preference and cleaning experience. However, it will most likely include the dishcloth, brush and sponge.

These are all basic kitchen cleaning supplies available in every house. Using them for wiping out stain, dust and limestree is easy, but it is crucial to maintain their hygiene on a regular basis too. Here is a handy guide for washing and sanitizing these three tools.

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Chlorine Bleach: Using This Powerful Cleaner The Right Way

We all know that chlorine beach is commonly used household cleaning chemical in general and in the kitchen in particular. This powerful, inexpensive chemical works as both a cleaning and a disinfecting agent. However, not everyone knows how to use it properly and safely. The following article will provide basic knowledge on using chlorine bleach (also known as sodium hypochlorite).

Types Of Bleach:

There are various types of bleach for your selection

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How To Give Your Beloved Kitchen A Thorough Deep Cleaning now

Your beloved kitchen can get messy easy after each time you cook a meal. You may think that even daily cleaning (which mostly involves wiping clean the counter, cooking appliances and floor) is enough to maintain the kitchen hygiene. Wait, you may make a mistake here. There can be build-up of greases, lime and dirt over time that you do not usually notice. Give your kitchen a deep cleaning once every 2 months with the following guide:


Through preparation is the key for an effective deep cleaning session.

Firstly, you should gather all your cleaning supplies in one place for easy access. You surely do not want to run around gathering some missing supplies all the time, right? Save that valuable time for cleaning instead. Check the list of necessary supplies and buy those you do not have in advance.

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4 Reasons Why I love Dishcloths More Than Sponges

Ah, the endless debate: which ones are better – dishcloths or sponges.

People have very different opinions about these kitchen cleaning tools. Generally, sponges are often used for hand-washing the sink, pots, pants, and the sink while dishcloths are great for wiping the dishes, counters. However, there are people who stand by using one type only or only resultantly resort to using the other type when the situation calls for it.

I love dishcloths. Yes, I know the complaint about them. They are bigger and harder to wring out and are considered by many as too drippy.  Sponges, on the other hand, soak up water much better, dry faster and much cheap to replace.

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