The Beer Fridge And Things You Need To Care When Buying


In order to keep the beer taste as well as ensure the beer quality to meet the requirement of the consumers, a lot of stores along with hotels give the beer fridge as the priority selection. How to select the appropriate beer fridge as well as utilize it efficiently is most concerned by numerous individuals. Let take the view on the following article to seek the answer.

The General Specification Of The Beer Fridge

  • Voltage: 220V / 1PH / 50Hz
  • Compressors (Block): AQ
  • Refrigerant: R143

The Beer Fridge’s Shell

The entire cabinet itself is made of 201 stainless steel materials, hydraulic folding town with the industrial and modern design. The insulated shell is molded from poly foam insulation with the thickness of 50mm. It is said that the heat transfer coefficient is very low, and the ability to retain heat better in the long run

Hot Rigs

Seamless synchronization fan makes the compressor run stable, high performance, suitable for all installation position.

Advantages Of The Beer Fridge

Index Finger:

Cool the beer quickly and equally due to the fact that the entire beer is submerged in the water.

Index Finger

The beer temperature is most stable in the long term because of the water temperature when icing is constant.

Index Finger

The left amount of beer for using in the next day still keeps the good quality and the delicious taste.

Index Finger

Preservation good beer even in case of power failure about 1 day for beer storage cabinets are designed with 5cm thick insulation

Index Finger

In general, the beer fridge can operate with the very low power so it is good at saving the power. Besides, the device is designed with zole feature that can be automatically disconnected when the temperature is  cold enough to preserve, not to waste electricity and not to spoil the beer because the temperature is too cold, do not broken because too cold beer.

Thing You Need To Care When Choosing The Beer Fridge

Consumption Of Electricity And Warranty

Power consumption is one of the points you cannot ignore when buying a fridge. In many developing countries, the law also provides for manufacturers to estimate large appliances, including refrigerators consume much electricity each year.

Return to power consumption issues, you can check and compare the samples with the same capacity fridge together see more samples with less power. Samples with  much less energy, in general, are more expensive but you will save money on electricity for decades to use the product.

The Product Life Span

The lifespan of a refrigerator is usually between 10 years and older. However, during the initial use of time, it is very probable trouble. Therefore, you should check the warranty period, provisions for product warranties, especially for imported CBU refrigerators.

How To Preserve Beer In The Fridge For Long Time

Beer or soft drinks or wine are some beverages daily many families often use. The preservation of beer, wine is no longer strangers, but to preserve the beer and wine effectively is not easy. The new kitchen will show you how to preserve the beer, wine, and soft drinks in the fridge is better.

Set The Proper Temperature Mode

To well preserve the wine, beer and soft drinks, the users need to set the right temperature, because the taste is created thanks to the microorganisms should only need small changes in temperature alone can affect the taste of beer, wine and soft drinks. It is shared that you need to preserve fresh water along its Luxembourg at the best temperature.

Do Not Leave In The Freezer

For beer or wine or simply the fresh water, you should keep them in a cool place or refrigerated compartment warm and not to leave them in the freezer. Because the temperature is too low will cause damage to the molecules that constitute them and destroys the taste and dangerous than the volume changes of pressure would make them more vulnerable to explosion.

Do Not Leave In Direct Sunlight

Except for fresh water and the remaining whiskey, do not leave them exposed to the sun shines on. Sunlight will accelerate the process and to solve oxygen amines which cause a negative impact to the taste and sometimes corrupt.





Things You Need To Note When Choosing The Best Deep Fryer


There is no doubt that the deep fryer brings a lot of benefits for the housewives in processing the fried food for the member in the family. Not only save time and energy for the individual, but the deep fryer also remains the taste of the food. Currently on the market, there have numerous products with a variety in designs and functions to bring different performance.

In this article, the author will analyze some deep fryer reviews for you to choose the suitable one, like the Fryer Land. Also, some best product will be shown for your reference in terms of performance, design and the price.


Presto 05442 Cool Dady Deep Fryer With Black Color

The presto cool Daddy may get the slightly less power compared to some models with higher-price at 1500 watts. However, this may be a non-issue in case you use the deep fryer to take a preparation meal for the whole member at home.

Most users have some comments that the Cool Daddy may get the difficulty in heating the full 375o C, especially when making a second batch of food, but this problem can be handled and avoided as the users do not overfill the basket to the brink of the capacity.

Waring Pro DF280

At 1800 watts, the deep fryer Waring Pro DF280 can give the higher power of cooking and regulation temperature than the models in the same class. The majority of individuals are impressed by the fast ability of heating the temperature up to 375o C about 20 minutes or less basing on the batch’s volume.

Besides, the Waring Pro DF280 also get the good remarks thanks to its ability to maintain the oil hot, protecting the food from turning out greasy and soggy.

Secura 17-Cup/4.2L/1700-Watt Electric Deep Fryer

The Secura 17-Cup/4.2L/1700-Watt Electric deep fryer has the right wattage power like its name. It lets the unit to fast preheat and recover the temperature of the oil.

The basic consensus of the owners is that this electric deep fryer can fast reach the expected temperature levels and sustain the better heat compared to many models of deep fryer sold on the current market, however, it does not get any serious troubles when the baskets of the pot are filled up to nearly the capacity.


Presto 05442 Cool Dady Deep Fryer With Black Color

This product comes with numerous features for the ease of handle, including an indicator light, an adjustable thermostat, and a locking cover, which protect against spilling and decrease odors. Besides, the deep fryer has a window of viewing to help you control the frying process without opening the lid of the pot.

According to the recent survey, the majority of people are happy with the exterior basket handle, allowing the food under the oil but no need to open the cover. The users can find it nifty and neat feature for protecting the splatters and spills.

Waring Pro DF280

Some top features of this product consist of an enamel-coated oil container attached with the pouring spout and the digital timer for 60 minutes to ensure the temperature control. However, some people find that the metal casing and exterior seem flimsy and thin, which may make the feeling that the product is easily broken and cheaply made. But overall, the whole part of the unit does not affect the performance of the pot.

Secura 17-Cup/4.2L/1700-Watt Electric Deep Fryer

This Secura 17-Cup/4.2L/1700-Watt Electric deep fryer brings a numerous characteristics like an adjustable heat controls, an automatic adjustable timer, a stainless steel surface keep cool to the touch when operating and a removable oil tank for the fast hygiene.

However, one commonly minor flaw regularly complained by some owners that the sensor of temperature is placed too closely to the heating elements, which may cause to make a slight incorrect reading.

T-Fal FR8000 With EZ Clean

This product goes with the cooking space of 3.5L, which may be equivalent to 14 cups. Some owners say that the shape and size of the basket may be too big enough so as to be utilized fully. While the basket of SECURA product is completely bigger regarding the sheer capacity, also, the T-fal product may be more real shaped for the serving.

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The Most Highlight Tips To Select The Right Air Fryer


Cooking is considered as the art in which the cook need to master a lot of recipes as well as the smart device for supporting their creativity. To support the chef for easily create the delicious meals without using much oil as well as ensuring the health safety, we recommend all of you to pay attention to purchasing the air fryer.

By scrolling down the air fryer review in general and the Philips air fryer review in particularly, should you take notice on the following article.

The Air Fryer Brand

It is reviewed that on the market now, there are multitude of air fryer device which mainly comes from the China as well as Thailand. It is estimated that the price of the device is also significantly reduce compared to the time when it is newly introduced on the market.

Some types of luxury brands which are sold at 320$ include the Philips or Tedal while the middle price product segment whose price is from 100$ to 150$ are Magic, the Pan Wood or even the Elip.

The Operating Mechanism Of The Device

All types of air fryers thought to be well- operate based on the Rapid Air technology, which is heated up to 2000 degree with the quick movement as well as the strong rotating speed which support for the food to quickly crispy while still keeping the softness inside the food. With some kinds of food which does not contain so much oil such as potatoes, the users just need to use a little amount oil to make sure that the food will not be dry.

The Convenience When Processing The Food

When using, just need to put the food inside the machine and the cover and turn the time setting button for forcing the device to operate. After frying, the pot will automatically turn off the alignment over time, and food will not be scorched.

Time to cook the food with the air fryer seems to be faster than traditional fried style. In addition, it is also capable of keeping the flavor of food and nutrients helping users save a lot of time cooking. Besides processing fried foods, the consumers can make use of the air fryer to make the grill sandwiches, biscuits, roasted peanuts and dried fruit.

Easy To Clean

Because the food is fried in saucepan sealed grease so we should not worry about leaving the dirty or stain during the process of cooking.  Users do not have to work hard to clean the kitchen after cooking. Should they choose the air fryer with oil drain tray from the food to bulk removable and easy to clean, although this type is quite more expensive than mainland tray?

Process More Delicious Food

Before frying, the bottom of the air fryer should be heated available from two to three minutes, then pour the food inside the device for guaranteeing its taste. Raw materials put into the fryer are not allowed to exceed the maximum amount under the guidelines.

Some of the food itself does not contain oil, when frying with very dry fryer, food susceptible to flaking and breaded long. To fix, when fried foods, do not contain oil in the fryer, sprinkle them with a little oil to food.

Note When Using

To ensure safe use and storage of durable pot, it should be noted the following:

Do not add oil to the fryer, the oil because of the risk of fire, or burning. Do not touch the inside of the pot when the pot is fried.

When the boiler is operating, the heat will be pushed out through the air outlet, so keep a safe distance from the blast and the air outlet, to avoid being burned face and hands. Should you not cover air outlet when frying pot.

After the process of frying, you need to cool the pot, after at least 30 minutes before touching the toilet or take the pot. The casing containing the electrical parts and the screen is not exposed to water when cleaning should only clean dry towel.

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Hope that based all the detailed information from this website, the users in general, and the cook as well as chef in particularly can be able to choose the most adequate cooking gadget for them. For gaining more and more description about the new air fryers as well as the tricks for its smooth operation, please get around the website daily.

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Through preparation is the key for an effective deep cleaning session.

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