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Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

by Kent Vargas

Many people that are following an eating regime avoid eating out. The main reason being fatty recipes and not being cautious of the calories they consume while dining out.

So should you just stay at home and eat boiled vegetables? Instead, try our smart eating tips to eat out while you’re on a diet.

Be Picky About Where You Eat:
In this era of fast speed internet and millions of website, you can run a quick check on the restaurant you want to go to.
Check out menus from different restaurants near you before you decide. There are many mobile apps on the play store and Apple store which allow you to measure the calorie intake after consuming certain food items.

Look at the menus and pick from grilled food, salads or vegetable specials. You can shortlist from several healthy choices.

Sit where it’s quiet:
This isn’t another one of the common advice you’ll hear. Research has shown that people that sit in crowded places while eating gets distracted and eat more than compared to people that sit in quieter spots.

Being by yourself would give you time to concentrate on what you eat and how much you eat. If you cannot find a table in a separate spot, ask the waiter you’ll wait for one.

Order First:
When you go with friends and family, always be the first one to order. Because the person you go with might have different plans for what they want to order and that might tempt you into eating something harmful for your diet.
To sidestep the temptation of delicious yet fatty food, your friend will order, be the first one to order and get the menu away from your site.

Avoid Snacking:
Most of the damage is often done before you even begin with your meal.Restaurants offer multiple appetizers and snacks that have a high- fat factor. Appetizers also increase your appetite for the main course.

“So if you feast on the snacks, you’ll eat more with a warmed up stomach. Even if the snacks are free, like chips or nachos, avoid laying your hands on them.” says frequent Yours Truly patron Don Halbert.

Don’t be blown away by words:
Waiters know the art of presenting food like none other. They’ll express dishes using words like “juicy and tender” or “delicately ripe”.
Don’t get blown away by the description and focus on only on the food the goes with your diet.