Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

With plant-based diets and a lot of people rather going towards a vegan lifestyle, there are more vegan restaurants and eateries becoming popular around the world. In Toronto, there are many vegan restaurants with great menus and a great atmosphere.

Even not being vegan, it can be a good experience to try some vegan meals.

We all know someone or will eventually go out to eat with someone who is living a vegan lifestyle. With this, more people will eventually go to eat out at a vegan eatery or restaurant. Here we have rounded up some of the most popular vegan restaurants to try out.

For someone who hasn’t tried vegan food, they might not expect the meals to be interesting and tasteful.

Post image Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto Kings Cafe - Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

King’s Café

Kings Café is located in downtown Toronto They also have restaurants in Mississauga, Guelph, and London that goes by the name of Zen Gardens. They are wholesalers of vegan food and products and use these products in their restaurants as well as selling in grocery stores.

Eat Nabati

Eat Nabati is Toronto’s first vegan Middle Eastern restaurant and one to try out. Everything on their menu is plant-based vegan. They are described as blending flavors of the Middle East with the North’s harvest. The feel of the restaurant makes you think of Middle Eastern Street markets and food stalls.

Post image Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto Buddhas Vegan Restaurant - Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant

Since 1991, Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant has been operating in Toronto as a vegan Asian Restaurant. It’s also one of Toronto’s oldest vegan Asian restaurants. Their menu presents over 100 meals to choose from, including rice dishes, fried noodles, soups, and appetizers.

Blissful Bird

Blissful Bird is located in Snake and Lattes location in College Street. They serve plant-based chicken. All the meals and appetizers on their menu have their signature fried chicken ingredient in different ways.

Post image Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto Yam Chops - Top Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Yam Chops

The butcher market for vegans. Yam Chops is the first vegan butcher shop in North America. They offer delivery across Canada although you won’t regret visiting the actual market. When switching over to a vegan lifestyle, you will be surprised at how many alternatives you can find here for cheese, meat, eggs and more.

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